Seneca Blue

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Seneca has dedicated his life to serving the ever-changing needs of student-athletes. Whether it be as a mentor, coach, pro basketball skill development trainer or in his current role as BLUEPRINT’s Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Seneca has always relentlessly pursued impactful ways to add value to the lives of student-athletes.

Starting in 2003, Seneca ran college exposure showcases that assisted thousands of student-athletes in realizing their dream of playing collegiate basketball at some level. These college exposure showcases attracted thousands of top high school boys & girls (as well as JUCO players) from 9 different states & Canada as well as hundreds of college coaches from all over the country. Seneca has served as a recruiting consultant for numerous college programs as well as a number of recruiting/scouting services.

In early 2009 Seneca founded Seneca Blue Basketball, designed to provide top notch skill development for players in Wisconsin & beyond. Seneca had the privilege of working with a number of elite high school, college & professional players in the area. He is honored to have served as the personal skill coach of Wesley Matthews of the Dallas Mavericks for 3 years. During that time he also was blessed to work with other current/former NBA players such as Steve Novak & Jimmy Butler.

Seneca always felt a purpose/passion beyond skill development. He not only wanted to create opportunities for student-athletes, he also wanted to prepare student-athletes for those opportunities when they came. In 2011 Seneca founded The Blueprint for Success Program, a non-profit comprehensive student-athlete-development program designed to inspire, empower, engage & educate student-athletes of all sports. This past June, The Blueprint for Success Program became BLUEPRINT as Seneca pivoted from non-profit to for profit & welcomed Co-Founder, former VP of Global Marketing for Facebook - Tom Arrix. BLUEPRINT will be the first ever global holistic student-athlete development platform/community, a true culture-shifter & trajectory-changer.

Seneca has been a volunteer coach for the nationally renowned Madison Spartans Youth Basketball program for 19 years (the program he played for & that his father started).

Seneca lives in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. He’s married to his high-school sweetheart Kim & they have two amazing children together - their son Braylen (14) is a 8th grader that plays basketball & their daughter Avery (10) is a 5th grader that plays basketball & soccer.